Repast Services

Repast Services

When a beloved family member passes away, heartbreak and grief are merely the surface level of emotions and thoughts that one experiences. It takes a lot of energy to bring yourself, family, and friends through a funeral, and rightly so; grieving should not be a brief or simple process. After eulogies, songs, readings, and processions have completed, it’s natural to offer your guests a meal over which to reconnect and share memories. 1 Mom 3 Sisters offers repast services throughout Greater Jacksonville,FL, and we would be honored to cater your day. Below, we’ve compiled details about what to expect for repasts and how to get started with us


The Essential Opportunity to Grieve

It’s extremely common for those attending a funeral to be wrestling with feelings of shock, sadness, loneliness, and doubt. These emotions are natural after the passing of a loved one and are part of a healthy grieving process. After the funeral service is over, many people feel uncertain as to what to do next.

Offering a meal through repast services is a simple and seamless way to allow family and friends to voice their questions and thoughts with each other. Connecting over a meal is a timeless expression of community and warmth and allows people to ease into the conversation, rather than feeling forced to do so.

Lessening the Weight of Formal Events

Funerals are emotionally heavy and inevitably leave those in attendance feeling despondent. By offering warm and filling food for your guests, many are reminded that funerals don’t need to be all gloom, but a celebration of the deceased’s life. Often, laughing and talking with each other over food is an excellent way to share memories about the loved one and the ways in which they touched lives.

Bonding with Family and Friends

Funerals are similar to reunions in that they are infrequent opportunities for extended family members and friends to reconnect. Often, reconnecting with those you haven’t seen in months or years brings with it an additional set of emotions. Sitting down to a meal eases any discomfort and allows everyone time to process their thoughts.

Sharing life events like these over a meal allows friends and family the much-needed time and space to authentically catch up. Trying to exchange a few thoughts and remarks with those you haven’t seen for an extended period may feel awkward on both sides, especially after mourning the loss of a loved one. Offering the opportunity to discuss life events and shared experiences is an effortless way to comfort and support all your guests.


To learn more about the repast services we offer in Greater Jacksonville, FL, and the types of meals available, contact us here. We will respond promptly and are happy to design a menu that most authentically reflects your loved one’s personality.